Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Customer needs are changing when it comes to communication with any industry Contact Center Services.

Changing Customer Expectations

  • Customers preferences are shifting towards self-service; where possible, they want to serve themselves
  • From a communications perspective, customers increasingly prefer text based communications as the primary form
  • Changing Engagement and Communication Preferences

  • Customers want offerings to be simple and transparent; they want concise insights and important information to be available at their fingertips
  • Users want their solutions to anticipate their needs and provide them with what they want instantly and simply
  • All of this should be 24/7 and immediate
  • The Need for Simplicity and Availability

  • The customer base of today would like their interactions to be integrated into their daily interactions and tools; being a part of tools and applications they use daily (e.g., Facebook, Siri, Line, etc )
  • Not only do they want the channel to be integrated, customers want interactions to be contextual and smart.
  • What is a Chatbot?

    Chatbot is a conversational interface (computer program) that is intended to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users in a natural language via auditory or textual methods. (Gartner 2017)

    Kaigen is a proud partner and official reseller of “Enterprise Bot” in Japan.
    Enterprise Bot (EB) is a UK based AI Chatbot that uses Neural Network & Word Vectors to process Natural Language resolving complex customer queries, changing the way you interact with your customers. For more details please visit: