Automanix is a Network Automation platform from KaiGen and its Trusted partners, which functions as single source of truth of network data to gain complete visibility and provides real-time insights using AI / ML based Network Behaviour Analytics to avoid outages.

Present Networking Methodology - Manual

Top Concern areas

  • Manual & Disconnected Process
  • Data on Excel Sheets
  • Unavailability of single source of truth
  • Highly Skilled Manpower Required
  • High Cost
  • Low Productivity
  • High dependency on resources
  • Time taking process
  • Not Scalable
  • Escalations from Customer
  • Lack of correlation among processes
  • Tiresome Job
  • Unable to share data among existing systems
  • No data backup
  • Prone to Human Error
  • Absence of Reports
  • AUTOMANIX Advantage

  • Automated & hassle-free process
  • Single source of truth
  • Data Accessible 24*7
  • No room for human error
  • Very minimal time
  • High Productivity
  • Scalable
  • Correlation between processes
  • Data backup is available
  • Data can be shared with other supporting systems
  • Skilled resources can be engaged in productive tasks
  • Availability of numerous reports
  • Reports/Data available via Email & SMS
  • No data discrepancy
  • Less dependency on same resources
  • AUTOMANIX Overview

    Automanix is complete suite with over 10 different modules that can be combined as per your specific requirement. This allows greater focus on the use case and better ROI for the customer.

    Valued Customers of AUTOMANIX

    COMMON Customer Use cases

  • For launching new services and expanding global footprint, Customer wants details on existing interconnectivity of all the devices in the network to upgrade its design and increase flexibility, speed of adding new nodes
  • A Customer wants to upgrade/patch network device OS of 10,000+ devices in period of 3 months to overcome critical security threat and achieve regulatory compliance. Also further track all configuration changes for all its networking devices
  • With global spread of locations along with its partner / vendor network, Customer wants to maintain inventory of all devices (80,000+) touching its network and also manage security patching, audit data etc.
  • Customer wants to perform ZONE mapping for number of devices to perform risk assessment prior to any network changes.
  • In a M&A scenario, Customer wants detailed network design and configuration data (21,000+ devices) in order to prevent billing losses, in short amount of time as manual data collection would have taken forever, prone to human errors and incur sizeable OPEX cost during the acquisition handover.