Top Cloud Concerns:

At KaiGen and our Trusted partners, we have had the privilege to work with some of the larger Azure customers on their cloud deployments and management across Asia. On the field, the questions we face as a team are always the same.

  • How can I have ‘always-on’ visibility to my Azure spends and control costs, especially for non- Production workloads?
  • How can we ensure our deployments meet Azure security best practices, and how can we protect our Production workloads and data?
  • How can we ensure a controlled deployment of resources on Azure? Resources are deployed with an approval process. And only approved resources are allowed to be deployed
  • How to reduce time to deploy resources on Azure?
  • How can I ensure that the right people have the right access to my Azure resources?
  • "I'm concerned about data sovereignty; how can I ensure that my data and systems meet our regulatory requirements?"
  • KloudSifu

    A web platform which helps organization enforce Governance, limit spend, and enhance security using workflows, automated deployments through Blueprints, and much more…

    Security Assessment Offering

    Many Customer choose to engage with our cloud security assessment services to take stock of existing footprint and threat mapping. This allows to create focus areas of action and quick remediation of critical threats.

    Below are our standard packages for reference and customized package can be tailored as per your requirements and goals.