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Private Cloud

Private Cloud essentially a combination of “Web Scale Data Center Infrastructure” and Cloud like attributes such as Automation of Service Provisioning, Predictable performance and scalability, Self Service, etc.

The private cloud might be based on resources and infrastructure already present in an organization's on-premises data center or on new separate infrastructure. In both cases, the enterprise itself owns and operates the private cloud by In-House Teams or Third party Vendors.

Private clouds or enterprise clouds are used by organizations that have security, compliance and data privacy as their top priority. Private clouds are deployed inside firewalls and offer robust IT security for the organization

Although most of the organizations across the world are starting to adopt Public cloud, but when it comes to critical Applications and Data, the approach is still to manage and have private owned Data Center with customized security and full management control.

Benefits of Private Cloud:

  • Higher Security and Privacy
  • Private Cloud can offer high level of customized security by using distinct pools of resource with access restricted to connections made from one organization’s firewall, dedicated leased lines and on-site internal hosting

  • Superior Performance
  • Mostly Private clouds are deployed inside the firewall of the organization’s intranet which ensures efficiency and good network performance

  • Easy Customization
  • The hardware and other resources can be customized easily by the company

  • Cost and Energy Efficiency
  • Implementing a private cloud model can improve the allocation of resources within an organization by ensuring that the availability of resources to individual departments/business functions can directly and flexibly respond to their demand. They make more efficient use of the computing resource than traditional LANs and can also reduce an organization’s carbon footprint

    What Kaigen Offers:

  • Assessment of Current Infrastructure and Gap Analysis
  • Technical Consultation with ROI and TCO reports
  • Designing and implementation of Private Cloud
  • Operational support (24/7 or on-demand)
  • Disaster Recovery creation and BCP drills
  • Knowledge Transfer workshops and Training Sessions