3-Tier Architecture Data Center

3-Tier Architecture Data Center or Traditional Data Center

3-Tier Architecture Data Center or Traditional Data Center also known as a “Siloed” data center, relies heavily on hardware and physical servers.

It is defined by the physical infrastructure, which is dedicated to a singular purpose and determines the amount of data that can be stored and handled by the data center as a whole. Additionally, traditional data centers are restricted by the size of the physical space in which the hardware is stored.
The common Silos of Traditional 3-Tier architecture Data Center are:

  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Compute
  • Management
  • Backup
  • Applications
  • Virtualization Layer
  • All these Silos are independent of each other and need to be managed and operated separately. We also tend to scale them out separately. You need more storage, you add more disk: you need more compute, you buy more servers; etc. This process is time consuming and costly.

    Although the Traditional Data Center is also getting evolved by introdution of Virtualization and convergence of Storage and Compute by using Converged Infrastructure but it still lacks Cloud like services.
    In Traditional datacenter, the business has complete reliance on IT for acquiring resources . There is no self-service approach, no chargeback or showback model, no services approach. Basically, there is an IT that takes down the requirements, manually builds a VM to meet these requirements and hands it over to the application owners Traditional data center requires almost 42% of cost in maintaining hardware, disaster recovery arrangements, power supply and Networking. While 40 percent is used for heating, air conditioning and labor costs.
    Almost 80% of IT budget is spent on maintenance leaving very less Capital for innovation and improvement. Currently more than 70% of Private Enterprise Data Centers around the world still has Traditional Data Center Infrastructure.

    Kaigen 3-Tier Architecture Data Center Support Offerings:

    We at Kaigen not only provide support for most of the Traditional Data Center Operations but also become your trusted consultant in transforming your current Infra to “Modern” or “Software Defined Cloud Ready” Data Center Infrastructure.

    We provide the following support services:

  • Technical Services Helpdesk
  • Network Services
  • Infra Application Services
  • End User Computing & End Point Security
  • Data Center Management Services
  • Data Center Infra Management Services
  • Data Center Transformation Service